Dokumentarfilm – 80 min. Kinoversion, D 2010
in Kooproduktion mit dem MDR, Austrahlung 2010, rbb 2011
Für diejenigen, die nicht teilnehmen konnten, hier eine kurze Impression (15 Min.)
Filmgespräch mit Ausschnitten aus dem Film

docfilm42-Filmabend „Transit“ am 27.03.22 um 19 Uhr in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Angela Zumpe
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Im Dokumentarfilm „Transit“ begibt sich Regisseurin Angela Zumpe auf die Suche nach ihrem Bruder, der 1968 im Alter von 21 Jahren das konservative Elternhaus in Westberlin verließ, um in die DDR ü̈berzusiedeln.

TRANSIT bei docfilm42
TRANSIT Documentary film 80 min. 2010, German/English Subtitles
May 1968: The student protests in West-Berlin are in full swing, and in the middle
of it all, my 21-year-old brother Reinhard. He openly flirts with socialist tenants,
partly out of protest against our conservative father. Reinhard resolves to take
drastic measures and relocate to East Germany – a complete scandal. It is the
last we hear from him.
Eight months later, in January 1969, Reinhard is found dead. His suicide is baffling.
What drove him behind the Iron Curtain, and what happened to him there? Nearly
forty years later, I go in search of traces of his short life in East Germany.
Along the way, I encounter several people who, like my brother, went “against
the current” from West to East. Like the exiled Berlin Jew Salomea G, who chose
the other system and joined the communist party as an IM (unofficial employees).
Or Henriette S., who as a child moved to East Germany with her mother, only to
flea to the West with her daughter in 1974. Later she got imprisoned by the State
Security. Twenty years after the demise of East Germany, TRANSIT uses my family’s
story as a point of departure for examining the reasons behind all these decisions
and the allure of the other Germany.