Film- and bookpresentation Deutsches Haus New York:

Articel by Lucy Komisar »The Komisar Scoop«:


Friday Nov. 15, 6:00pm
Deutsches Haus at NYU
here is the link:
Excerpt of the Q & A can be viewed here

Teaching and Thinking the Bauhaus after 1989: Angela Zumpe’s Time in DessauBerlin-based artist and filmmaker Angela Zumpe was already a guest at Deutsches Haus at NYU with her films in the past, most recently with The Pastor’s Children – Punks, Politicians and Philosophers in 2017. This time, she will present parts of her new art book, I Am Taking the Ghosts with Me… (Distanz Verlag, 2019), reflecting her twenty years of working and lecturing in and near the Bauhaus in Dessau. In addition, Angela Zumpe will present a screening of her latest film project, Things to Come, which explores the lives of Bauhaus’s László, Lucia, and Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, between 1929 and 1935.

Q & A after the screening

Glimpse of the discussion

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